What we offer

There are four key strategic areas that WISA has created to help school communities work in a planned strategic sustainable approach to addressing school wellbeing. Schools can also request training to small groups of schools or individual school training. The majority of WISA training is provided regionally and schools register on the WISA website. These are as follows:

1. Provide support and build the capacity of school leaders of wellbeing

  • Essential / Basic Training for School Leaders of Wellbeing
  • Consolidating the School Wellbeing role
  • Sustaining best practice in the Wellbeing role

2. Enabling school leadership and governance to effectively resource wellbeing in their school

  • A step by step guide
  • Module training for school leadership and governance bodies (under development)
  • Support networks/mentor support
  • Leadership wellbeing modules

3. Strategies for working with your most vulnerable students

  • Whole school staff strategies 3 X 2 hr training modules
  • A hardcopy and online guidebook with specific tools and links
  • Intervention and support advisory service (awaiting funding)
  • Staff Wellbeing training whole day or 3 x 2 hour modules

4. Population based approaches to school community wellbeing

  • WISA Conferences alternating years – Vic, SA, ACT, TAS then NSW, QLD, NT, WA
  • Wellbeing in Schools Awards (under development)

The Board, staff and patrons of WISA bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the organisation having worked at a local, state, national and international level in education and wellbeing. We may be a new organisation but there are very experienced hands and heads with big hearts in our organisation.

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