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WISA Newsletter Dec 2016

WISA NEWSLETTER Dec 2016 WISA’S BOARD OF DIRECTORS Board Members: Chairperson – Kerry Ashley Secretary – Paul Cahalan Treasurer – Dr Bret Hart CEO – Jac Van Velsen Other members – Katherine Dix, Chris Champion Get to know the Board – In this newsletter we are meeting Kerry Ashley the WISA Chair Kerry Ashley WISA […]

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The best laid plans of mice and men… I’m sure you have also had some of those moments. When you think you have it all sorted; then you discover something’s still not quite right? So it was with WISA website’s exciting relaunch in March, when we uncovered layers of complexity that held up our WISA […]

Welcome to WISA

Wishing you a huge WISA welcome! Our Network is finally launched, and we thank you all for your patience. We have really enjoyed meeting and working with like-minded, passionate school leaders of wellbeing over the last 9 months and we look forward to meeting many more in the months and years ahead. We’ve seen some […]
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